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 Selecting the correct cable diameter will depend on a few factors.
  • Distance of row
  • Number of plants planted in row
  • Full grown plant weight (Average is 30lbs, we use 40lbs to account for rain and wind)
For example if you have a row that's 200 feet long with 55 plants in the row your total weight for that row would be (55 x 40 = 2,000 lbs).  According to the cart on the left you could use 5/32 and above to support the row.  We don't reccommend going below 3/16 cable so that should be the minimum.

You also have to select either 7x7 or 7x19 cable, we recommend going with 7x19 which is more flexible and cost about .01 per foot more.  Listed below is our most current pricing with volume pricing.

.16 For 3/16 (7x19)
.22 For 1/4 (7x19)
.40 For 3/8 (7x19)

Please contact us at 585-869-6801

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